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iStock_000009379484_propertyacq.jpgHough Petroleum is always in the market for new real estate gasoline acquisitions. Whether you are looking to sell or lease your gasoline property, we are interested in talking with you.


We are specifically looking for properties that meet the following criteria:


  • Available for lease with option to buy OR
  • Available for sale as a fee simple purchase
  • Daily estimated traffic of least 20,000 cars OR
  • Locations with less traffic will be considered if in a densely populated area
  • Strong visibility
  • Ease of access and excess
  • Three or more dispensers under a canopy
  • Ability to include convenience store at 3,000 square feet or bigger


When submitting site information for acquisition review, please include the following:


  • Asking price for sale or lease
  • Owner and broker contact information (phone and email)
  • Site address
  • Tank information
  • Zoning designation and list of permitted uses
  • Site photos
  • A-2 survey
  • Annual real estate taxes
  • Utility information
  • Last 3 years of gasoline and store volumes
  • Environmental History


When submitting information on a potential site, please contact our Real Estate Manager:


Greg Hough, Account & Property Acquisition Manager


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